Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Yes, is operated by KuzaFi Switzerland Ltd. KuzaFi Switzerland Ltd is a Financial Intermediary in Switzerland which operates according to the strictest regulations of the Swiss financial market (Secure Socket Layer/SSL 256 bit encryption). For more information, please contact our support team at any time.
You can make your transactions from anywhere in the world, as long as your country is not sanctioned on the ordinance of the embargo law (SECO, OFAC, etc)
1. Create your KuzaFi account Sign up now
2. Create your beneficiary in your KuzaFi account
3. Make your money transfers
Having a KuzaFi account allows you to:

- Make money transfers to Cuba, to other countries in Latin America and Europe.
- Make transfers from anywhere in the world and at any time.
- Control the status of your transfers everytime.
- Maintain a direct and personalized contact with our client service center by Whats App, website chat or by email.
1. Register and activate account: Register an account on with your email and password. You will receive an email to activate your account.

2. Complete account registration: Login to your KuzaFi account and fill in your personal information.

3. Verify your personal information in your account: Select the method "VideoID" to confirm your personal identity with a video conference. Before "Start", please write to us via Whats App at +41 79 514 19 05 to plan the date and time when an Agent can assist you.

Recommendations for a successful Videoconference:

- Download the CHROME app on your Android mobile phone and log into your KuzaFi account using this application.
- Do not use Iphone because it does not allow you to interact with the audio. Otherwise, the help of a second telephone is required to interact between You and our Agent by telephone.
- If you are going to use a computer, make sure you have an excellent camera, good audio, and high-speed internet. If necessary close or disconnect all applications or devices that use your internet.
- Keep your original identity document with you, photocopies are not accepted. Driver's licenses are not accepted.
- If you meet these technical specifications, the duration of the videoconference will be 3 to 4 minutes.

4. Upload documents to your account:

- A Form:
Print the declaration of economic justification, check the corresponding box and complete with the city, date and signature. Please check that your personal data is complete and correct, otherwise we will return it to you.
- Utility Bill: Upload a utility bill (water, energy or gas) in order to confirm your current residence address.

If the option to upload your documents does not work, please send them to the following email: 

As soon as we receive your documents, your account will be authorized so that you can send money permanently on our website.
For KuzaFi it is important to know the clients personally in order to be able to look after them as best as possible.

As a financial services in Switzerland, we are legally obliged to identify our customers properly. The fastest way to do this is through a videoconference in real time applying KYC processes "Know Your Customer" The KYC process is best described as a general term that includes various legal compliance and due diligence obligations. It is a process used in the financial sector to open accounts and acquire new clients.

We also have to confirm the ownership of the funds to be transferred "Form A" and finally your current residence address with a utility bill (water, energy or gas).
If you are unable to hold a video conference, you can identify yourself through correspondence. The copy of your identity card or passport must be authenticated by a financial institution or a notary.

You can upload the documents directly to your KuzaFi account, send to the e-mail address or by post to the following address: 

KuzaFi Switzerland LTD
Hauptplatz 21
3953 Leuk-Stadt
After confirming your personal data as a KuzaFi client, you can create your beneficiaries to whom you will send money. Locate within your KuzaFi account in the Menu: My account / My Beneficiaries / Add new.

Your beneficiary details will be reviewed by KuzaFi directly after you make your first money transfer. An identity document of your beneficiary is required.
No, we do not accept self-remittances.
You can contact us at any time to modify your information or deactivate your account. Just write us at:
You can click on the link "Forgot your password?" and then enter the e-mail address registered in KuzaFi and we will send you a link to restore your password.
The fees of our service vary from country to country. The cost of a transfer is determined depending on the country and delivery method (debit card, bank deposit or cash pick-up) that you want for your beneficiary. Please calculate the value of your money transfer with our calculator, to determine the effective amount of a transfer.
Recipients are not charged any fees for the remittances received.
No, KuzaFi does not accept cryptocurrencies.
We currently accept the following payment methods:

* Bank deposit (only for clients in Switzerland)

* VISA or MASTERCARD (international) and Maestro
You can select the currency to send money. Your credit card will be charged in the corresponding currency.
The text that will appear in the account statement of your credit card is ", Leuk Stadt CH"

Sending money to Cuba

AIS cards, Cash Pick-up to all banks on the Island and to bank accounts of Banco Metropolitano and BPA.

AIS cards, to MLC cards from Banco Metropolitano, BPA and Bandec.
Card "AIS" in CUC or MLC/USD:
If the beneficiary already has an active AIS card, the money will be deposited in 7 to 48 hours.
If you request the AIS card for your beneficiary in the first transaction the money will be deposited in 5 to 20 business days.

Cards of "Banco Metropolitano" or "BPA" in CUC or MLC/USD:
The money will be deposited in 24 to 72 hours.

Card of "Banco de Crédito y Comercio BANDEC" in MLC/USD:
The money will be deposited in 3 to 5 business days.
Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, at this time, there are delays of up to 10 business days.
AIS debit card:
During the transfer you have the possibility to request an AIS debit card for your beneficiary. If your recipient lives in Havana, the debit card will be ready for pickup within 5 to 7 working days. If your recipient lives outside Havana, the debit card will be ready for pickup within 15 to 20 working days. This time is needed for the issuance and transportation of the AIS debit card to the FINCIMEX offices where your beneficiary must go to pick it up personally. Please inform the recipient when and where he or she can pick up the AIS debit card.

These cards must be requested by the beneficiary directly in Cuba.

If yor transaction is urgent, we suggest you to use our payment method "cash pick-up" and your money will be available for collection within 24 to 72 working hours. Your beneficiary can collect your money at any Cuban bank wothout having a bank account.
Locate in the list below the FINCIMEX office corresponding to the province or locality where your beneficiary resides and inform the FINCIMEX address so that he / she can personally pick up his debit card:

Tarjeta AIS Pinar del Río: Luis Pérez Esq. Gerardo Medina s/n Pinar del Río
Tarjeta AIS La Habana: Ave. 3era No. 408 e/ 4 y 6, Playa
Tarjeta AIS Isla de la Juventud: Calle 39 e/ 30 y 32. Altos del Servicupet. El Parque
Tarjeta AIS Bauta: Ave. 251 No. 13015, Bauta
Tarjeta AIS Güines: Calle 86 esq 45, Güines
Tarjeta AIS Matanzas: Calzada de Esteban Esq. San Ambrosio, Pueblo Nuevo, Matanzas
Tarjeta AIS Varadero: Calle 1ra Ave. e/ 15 y 16
Tarjeta AIS Villa Clara: Ctra. Ctral edif. Morata e/ San pedro y Virtudes
Tarjeta AIS Cienfuegos: Calle 33 e/ 56 y 58
Tarjeta AIS Trinidad: Fausto Pelayo s/n, Servicentro Oro Negro, Trinidad, St.Spiritus
Tarjeta AIS Sancti Spíritus: Ave. de los Mártires s/n Esq. Circunvalante Olivos 1
Tarjeta AIS Ciego de Ávila: Calle Cuba e/ Honorato del Castillo y Maceo
Tarjeta AIS Camagüey: Gral Gómez 105 e/ Independencia y Maceo
Tarjeta AIS Las Tunas: Ave. 1ro de mayo s/n Esq. A 45 La Victoria
Tarjeta AIS Holguín: Calle Frexes Esq. Carbo
Tarjeta AIS Moa: Ave. 1ro de mayo s/n Moa
Tarjeta AIS Granma: Ctra. Vía Santiago Edif. Las Novedades, Bayamo
Tarjeta AIS Santiago de Cuba: Felix Pena No. 565 e/ Jose A. Saco y Aguilera
Tarjeta AIS Guantánamo: Crombet e/ Los Maceo y La Línea
Tarjeta AIS Baracoa: Martí #356, Baracoa, Guantánamo
The beneficiary who receives the money in Cuba must be over 16 years old. The identity will be checked with a passport or identity card when the recipient collects the debit card AIS.
You can find out the balance on the following debit cards at any time by calling:

AIS: +53 (07) 835 6444 (operator) or
+53 (07) 204 4823 (automatic responder) 
BANMET: +53 7 2085112
BPA: +53 8 0200272
Beneficiaries will not be charged any fees for the received remittances.
For security reasons, all remittance recipients must identify themselves in KuzaFi and present the following documents:
- Full photo of the Cuban identity card (both sides)
- Photo of the bank card in which he received the first transfer
The cliente or the beneficiary can send us both documents by email:
Transactions can be for as little as 30 EUR or CHF.

The maximum values to send money to Cuba are:

Maximum per financial transaction: 2'500.00 EUR or CHF

Monthly limit accumulated for Cuban beneficiaries: 5'000.00 (for AIS cards) and 10'000.00 (for cash pick up) local currency

Additional documentation required of source of funds: Up to 3'000.00 EUR or CHF accumulated per year, we will require the source of funds form that you can also download from the following link: Source of funds form

Video 1 (Spanish) contains details of the process to create a KuzaFi account and transfer money to Cuba.

Video 2 contains an alternative identification process for customers residing in Switzerland.

Sending money to other countries

During the transaction, you can select the disbursment location closest to the beneficiary or Check our payment network available on our home page.
Once your transaction is authorised, it will take between 24 to 48 working hours to finalise. You can view the status of the transaction at any time in your account. The status "In Processing" means you can let the recipient know the transaction number KZ-BD0000000XXX or KZ-CC0000000XXX. The beneficiary will need it to pick up the money.
Payments are made exclusively in the beneficiaries local currency.
For security reasons, we need a copy or a photo of the identity document (both sides) of your beneficiary.
You can upload the full document in your KuzaFi account or send it by email to
Transactions can be for as little as 30 EUR or CHF.
Please choose the destination country in order to display the limits per country: [Escojer pais] > Display = Maximo por transferencia: () Maximo acomulado mensual: () Documentación adicional requerida de procedencia de fondos: Depues de los ()